1. Journeys for Hungry Souls http://www.hungry-souls.com
    Features our overseas spiritual pilgrimages led by Karen Mains and David Mains.
  2. Hungry Souls http://www.hungrysouls.org
    Nurturing mean and women who are hungry for God, hosted by David Mains and Karen Mains.
  3. Open Heart, Open Home http://www.OpenHeartOpenHome.com
    Highlights a women's Bible study on the topic of Christian Hospitality, featuring the best-selling classic book by Karen Mains on the subject, Open Heart, Open Home.
  4. Sermon-Coach http://www.Sermon-Coach.com
    Features an 18-month preaching schedule of sermons and service ideas by David Mains to help preachers and teachers of God's Word.
  5. Mainstay Ministries http://www.SundaySolutions.com
    Store featuring our 50 Day Spiritual Adventures, Advent Celebrations, Bible Studies, Books.
  6. Sermons on Christmas http://www.SermonsOnChristmas.com
    Features seven Christmastime sermon series campaigns to choose from by Mainstay Church Resources.
  7. Sermon Series http://www.Sermon-Series.com
    Features sermon series campaign by Mainstay Ministries.
  8. 50 Day Spiritual Adventure http://www.50DaySpiritualAdventure.com
    Information website featuring all nine of our 50 Day Spiritual Adventures
  9. Pathmaker Marketing: http://www.pathmakermarketing.com/
    Features the online marketing team of Randall Mains and Doug Preudhomme that helps us to market our internet ministries.
  10. Jim Whitmer Photography: http://www.worshipphotos.com/
    Features worship photos for churches from the graphics team that supplied imagery to complete Hungry-Souls.com