What is Journeys for Hungry Souls?

David & Karen Mains

Journeys for Hungry Souls is the travel division of the ministry Hungry Souls, and is dedicated to linking tourism with spiritual truism. We seek to use travel as a means for stimulating inward spiritual reality. Our concept is to lead group travel that removes people from the demands of everyday life. We find that the dynamics of dialogue and planned spiritual exercises frame moveable spiritual retreats that reconnect us with the God, with ourselves, and with one another.

Karen Mains, the Director of Hungry Souls, has been writing about the spiritual journey for over four decades. Several of her 27 books have been best-sellers, and she has a background in religious media. Either as a journalist or a lecturer, she has traveled in over 50 countries of the world. “To be educated, you must travel,” she insists, particularly in face of the increasing globalization of our planet.

Karen, along with her family and dedicated traveling friends, believes that travel and particularly Christian touring, has the possibility of not only building bridges between cultures, but also of opening the eyes of the soul. We cannot understand one another until we understand ourselves.

What is Hungry Souls?

Hungry Souls, directed by Karen Mains, seeks to walk beside those who are hungry for God. We find the longing among Christian men and women for a meaningful inner pilgrimage to be enormous in our contemporary times. Through spiritual retreats of silence, through group spiritual direction, through email mentoring, and through the group travel of pilgrimages we seek to link those who hunger spiritually to the God who is the only One who can meet the deepest longings of our souls.

We are Biblically-formed, seeking always to remain doctrinally orthodox and at the same time, flexible in our methodology. We adhere to the Lausanne Covenant and the doctrinal statement of the National Association of Evangelicals. We work cross-denominationally with church-goers, but are eager to provide a safe, unthreatening place for those who have left the church or those who are unsatisfied but seeking deeper spiritual meaning.

Check out the Hungry Souls link for the spiritual growth events conducted in the Chicago land area and the spiritual growth tools that are being provided out of this lively laboratory of discontent folk who are seeking deeper Christian meaning.

Rules for Pilgrimages

l. The first rule of pilgrimage is that we must attempt to see.

           Emily: We don't have time to look at one another (She breaks down, sobbing.) I didn't realize. So all that was going on            and we never noticed. . . Do human beings ever realize life while they live it—every, every minute?
Stage Manager: No (Pause). The saints and poets, maybe—they do some.

— Thornton Wilder, Our Town

2. The second rule of pilgrimage is that if we attend, an inward journey accompanies the outward journey.

            “A great traveler. . .is a kind of introspective; as he/she covers the ground

            outwardly, so he/she advances inwardly.”

Lawrence Durrell

3. The third rule of pilgrimage is this: All our companions have gifts to give if we will just have the mindset to receive.

            “Christ. . .is more of an artist than the artists; he works in the living spirit and the living flesh; he makes men instead of             statues.”

— Van Gogh, The Complete Letters

4. The fourth rule of pilgrimage is that we must not try to see everything, but to look at a few things deeply.

            “The question at the heart of the quest is how to renew our power of vision.”

— Phil Cousineau, The Art of Pilgrimage

5. The fifth rule of pilgrimage is that all inconveniences, all interruptions are possible means for us to experience grace.

            “In the pilgrimage of Lent, we face death in the hope of the risen life. We must find ourselves in a great company of             wine-makers! We are the grapes pressed into wine for the world. What a dream this is!

— Alan Jones, Passion for Pilgrimage

6. The sixth rule for the pilgrimage is that God is our Ticket Agent, our Tour Guide, our Pilgrim Companion. He is the Mapmaker, the Navigator, the Fixed Point on the compass.

            “He that is humble, ever shall/ Have God to be his Guide. I am content with what I have/Little be it, or much. Fullness to             such, a burden is/ That go on pilgrimage. . .”

— John Bunyan